c.1900 French Automated Industrial Boiler Clock.

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c.1900 French Automated Industrial Boiler Clock.
Inv. #: f303

The patinated and multi-finished bronze case stands on a black Belgian marble base and depicts an early 20th century steam powered boiler. Above is the vertically mounted governor that is connected to a spinning wheel by a crankshaft that in turn pumps the piston and assorted linkages. The case is inscribed and stamped ‘24’ numerous times.


The painted silvered chapter-ring dial has Roman numerals for the hours, a gilt-bronze center, Arabic 5-minute marks and steel-cut hands. The painted silvered chapter-ring barometer dial is in English, has a gilt center and dual indicator hands. Centered between the two is the thermometer scale with a mercury tube.


The time-only movement is wound through the front, has a balance wheel escapement and is adjusted for fast/slow out the dial.

The animation movement is housed inside the calendar and is wound out the side. When wound It drives the large wheel and piston for a couple of hours.



Size: Height - 10.75 in.
Width - 11.25 in.
Retail Price: on request

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